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It is well known that the development of the economy and the commercial activity of the south-eastern region of the European Union is tremendous. However, many companies in these countries, despite the fact that they achieve satisfactory results in their internal markets, do not achieve competitiveness on a larger scale, compared to companies of Western Europe and the US. One of the main reasons is that Management Accounting, despite the fact that it comprises the major core of the financial administration of modern business activities, does not exhibit an equivalent rate of growth in this region.

Given, therefore, the lack of specialization and in-depth analysis in the fields of Management Accounting and Financial Management, we are in the pleasant position of announcing that the field of studies concerning the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (C.I.M.A.), has a modern vocational training and consultancy centre in Athens, the Hellenic Management Accounting Centre (HELMAC).

The Hellenic Management Accounting Centre, applying the qualitative patterns of C.I.M.A., offers a preparation program towards the examination for the attainment of the professional title of Chartered Management Accountant (C.M.A.). The British Institute of Management Accounting, since its establishment in 1919, occupies a leading position in Management & Financial education, and the title of Chartered Management Accountant, which it provides, signifies a deep knowledge and incomparable judgement in matters of Management Accounting, as well as a tendency for forward thinking.

With the vision of the development of Management Accounting in south-eastern European, we invite you to become acquainted with our aims, the content and the way that the Hellenic Management Accounting Centre operates, as well as the modern teaching methods that it applies.


Andreas Stefanidis
Managing Director

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